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Holzer Hotel

In 1948, while the tourism in Porto Vecchio was not as developped as today, Rosine and her husband Louis Holzer decided to create their own touristic establishment.
At the time, that was the first one implanted in the region after the war.

From a charcoal cave, to apartments and after many repurchases, the hotel Holzer opened its doors. Not only a hotel; "Chez Louis" was also a bar, a bakery, a tearoom and a famous restaurant.

As soon as it opened, the hotel was included in the best guides. Many artists stopped by "Chez Louis" such as Joe Dassin, the illustrator Hergé, Bertrand Tavernier, Hervé Bazin, Dalida …

The success lasted 15 years until Louis passed away in the beginning the sixties. However it did not stop, Rosine and her children from maintaining with passion the same quality for about 20 years.

In the eighties, Rosine and Louis’s daughter (Colette) took the head of the hotel with her husband Jacques. They made a lot of renovations that enabled the hotel to stay up-to-date. Nowadays, it’s Jacques and Colette’s son who manages the familial hotel. A third generation with plenty of futur projects.